Innovating Innovation

Innovating Innovation: Beyond the dominant paradigm, the “soul paradigm”
Prof. Dr. Carlos Rosa – Universidade Europeia, Portugal

Innovation is commonly defined as: a production or adoption, assimilation, and exploitation of a value-added novelty in economic and social spheres; renewal and enlargement of products, services, and markets; development of new methods of production; and establishment of new management systems (Crossan & Apaydin, 2010, p.1155). But it seems that innovation has fallen prey of a perverse dominant paradigm, ruled by economic and financial interests of paramount size. The continuous growth wave currently imposed by global economy dynamics pressures for a high flow of “innovation outputs”, regardless of its consequences in our future. But is innovation production mainly based only in new ideas, devices, or methods? The answer to this question changes the frame of reference and opens the way to go beyond the dominant paradigm into a newer paradigm for “innovating with a soul”.