Speakers 2015

Maria Nathan

Prof. Dr. Maria Nathan is a Professor of Management and Business Administration at the School of Business and Economics at Lynchburg College in Virginia, the United States.  A Fulbright Scholar, she is an active publisher of research articles in her field.  She is on eight journal editorial review boards and teaches around the world. Together with her management students she co-founded the Management Consulting Group (MCG) several years ago. They work with organizations in the local community to help them improve and enhance their organizational effectiveness.

Prof. Dr. Maria Nathan sprach am 26. November 2015 gemeinsam mit Prof. (FH) Dr. Tanja Eiselen zum Thema Professional Woman in the US and Austria – Comparison of Challenges, Opportunities and Support Systems.


Tanja Eiselen

Prof. (FH) Dr. Tanja Eiselen
Psychologist for Organizational Behavior, Professor for Human Resource Management and Leadership at University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg. Main interests: Personnel development, team competence, leadership styles, work life balance, project management, gaming and simulation methods, teaching and learning methodology. Research and transfer fields: Leadership skills development, change management, team development, evaluation.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Tanja Eiselen sprach am 26. November 2015 gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Maria Nathan zum Thema Professional Woman in the US and Austria – Comparison of Challenges, Opportunities and Support Systems.


Kailash Tuli

Prof. Dr. Kailash Tuli has a long career in Psychology with Masters and PhD from University of Delhi and Senior Postdoctoral fellow from Vienna University. The majority of his teaching and research was at Delhi University. During post retirement, since 2006; he was with Amity University, IILM, IIIT (Delhi) & BVIMR. He is visiting Professor for Change Management at FHV Vorarlberg since 2011. He is trained in Gestalt Therapy through many International residential workshops and conferences. He has given workshops in Gestalt and Yoga in Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, India, New Zealand, Ukraine and Czech Republic.

Prof. Dr. Kailash Tuli sprach am 22. Oktober 2015 gemeinsam mit Prof. (FH) Dr. Willy Kriz zum Thema Zeitgeist, Gini Index and Achhe Din.


Willy Kriz

Prof. (FH) Dr. Willy Kriz
PhD Psychology from University of Vienna, Professor for HRM and Leadership at FH Vorarlberg – University of Applied Sciences in Austria. Author of 14 books, 125 papers, 4 best paper awards. Founder and chair of Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association, President of International Simulation and Gaming Association, Editorial board member Journal Simulation & Gaming. He was scientific director of an EU Program on Simulation Games as Training Module and 7 years head of evaluation of “exist-priME-cup” (simulation game-based entrepreneurship contest of German Ministry of Technology and Economy). Designer of simulation games for change management and project management.

Prof. (FH) Dr. Willy Kriz sprach am 22. Oktober 2015 gemeinsam mit  Prof. Dr. Kailash Tuli zum Thema Zeitgeist, Gini Index and Achhe Din.


Martin Stenberg

Associate Prof. Dr. Martin Stenberg has worked in the fields of education, development and research in several Universities. Nowadays he is working as Principal Lecturer in University of Applied Sciences of Haaga-Helia. He has also worked as entrepreneur of Business consulting especially in the fields of ICT-, HR- and training management. Additionally, Dr. Martin has worked as CIO in logistic and steel industry but also managed ICT -company as Consulting Director. He did his licentiate research about Information Society. His doctoral thesis is modelling information sharing and development of Intangible Capital in the Company. He has published several books and articles about multilevel Information, ICT and Knowledge Management.

Associate Prof. Dr. Martin Stenberg sprach am 3. September 2015 zum Thema The Origins of Information and Intelligence.