The Origins of Information and Intelligence

Martin Stenberg asks, „What is information?” and “How can we create, exploit and share it?“ He explores the origins of information and intelligence – and suggests a stunning new vision of a learning organization.

The understanding of knowledge as a strategic resource is one of the most important issues for a corporation. In the end of 20th century, the use of knowledge in the Networking Society and its economic significance were widely explored (Bell 1973; Porter 1991; Webster 1995; Castells 1996). Nowadays, we are faced with managerial, organizational, and strategic challenges of knowledge management (Crossan et al. 1999; Nonaka et al. 2000; Porter & Millar 2008).  That’s also deeply related to learning, multidimensional information, big data, digitalization, smart machines and intelligence. And so the following questions arise: Where can relevant information be found within the organization and how to create and transform it into valuable knowledge assets?  – And how are they integrated into the dimensions of intangible intelligence (Sveiby 1997; Lönnqvist 2004; Stenberg 2012)?

Martin Stenberg answers these questions and more as he takes us on an amazing journey of discovering valuable information currently hidden within our organizations.